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Invest in Commodities

There is no doubt that commodities are important part of our daily lives. And they also present a myriad of trading and investing opportunities that make them attractive to retail traders as well as institutional ones.

Trading crude oil CFDs provides you with an opportunity to participate in the commodities market. At ACY Securities, you can trade a wide range of commodities and access leverage up to 500 to 1.

You can trade commodities such as crude oil, natural gas and precious metals among our range of trading products that will match your individual trading style and level of experience. Trading commodities can be an effective way to diversify your portfolio as commodity prices are generally less influenced by changes in stock markets.

Crude Oil

We offer two of the world's most liquid crude oil contracts – Brent Crude and West Texas Crude. Use our trading platform to take advantage of trading opportunities in the oil market.

Benefits of Trading Commodities

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Major Trading Products

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Example of Crude Oil Trading

Trading crude oil CFDs provides you with an opportunity to participate in the global commodities market.

1 Lot = 1000 Barrels    Position: Long    Leverage: 100:1


WTI Crude Oil
Bid 47.936 / Ask 47.961
Proposed leverage is 100:1
1 Lot = 1000 Barrels

Value per Lot:
1000x47.961=47,961 USD

Margin per Lot:
47,961÷100=479.61 USD


Bid 48.036 / Ask 48.061

Closing Price @ $48.036

Value per Lot $48,036


Profit:48,036-47,961= $75


Bid 47.836 / Ask 47.861

Closing Price @ $47.836

Value per Lot $47,836


Loss:47,961-47,836= $125