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Webinar – Master Foundations of Technical Analysis

Learn the basics of technical analysis and understand how you can use it to enhance your trading. Understand and recognise trends, chart patterns, support and resistance levels to identify turning points and trading opportunities. Know how to use different indicators to analyse market movements and to make more informed trading decisions.

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4/10/2019 10pm - 11:30 pm Sydney time NFP - Live Trading Webinar
Live trading the US Jobs data release.
8/10/2019 7pm to 8:30pm Sydney Time Brexit & the Euro in the spotlight
As the Brexit deadline is fast approaching, we take a dive into the GBP & Euro opportunities to benefit from Brexit chaos..
10/10/2019 7pm to 8:30pm Sydney Time USD special to profit from FX Fundamentals
We hone in on the USD Dollar and cherry-pick the best ways to play in FX..
15/10/2019 10pm to 11:30pm Sydney Time A strategy playbook for day trading FX & Gold
I will showcase a systematic approach to deciphering sentiment in Gold & FX majors..
17/10/2019 7pm to 8:30pm Sydney Time Aussie Dollar update & FX opportunities
With the AUD in focus, we break down opportunities for FX.
22/10/2019 7pm to 8:30pm Sydney Time Review of FX majors & Trading opportunities this week
A fundamental update getting across the key risk events which create trading opportunities.
24/10/2019 7pm to 8:30pm Sydney Time How to play Euro around the ECB
A breakdown of trading opportuntiies for Euro & Euro cross pairs.
29/10/2019 7pm to 8:30pm Sydney Time USD & Fed preview for FX & Gold traders
USD & Gold outlook ahead of the Fed meeting.
31/10/2019 7pm to 8:30pm Sydney Time A structured approach to deciphering FX & Gold sentiment
Market scan across FX & Gold to determine sentiment with accuracy.
Russell Sandiford Chief Market Analyst of ACY Securities

Russell Sandiford, one of the most reputable market analysts in Australia with over 16 years experience across FX, indices and commodities is nothing short of a powerhouse of extraordinary talent in cutting through the nonsense and pinpointing trading opportunities that matter.

Russell's passion for the FX markets and in particular his ability to decipher market-moving news has been a standout focus that traders find extremely useful.

He has worked at global trading firms in both Sydney & London and now joins ACY Securities as our Chief Market Analyst.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Russell and see how he reads the markets so that you can capture the bigger market moves!

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